Britni Pepper

Poetry: free verse

A time to hold

Photo by Tincho Franco on Unsplash

Her little hand is close in mine,
I squeeze it as we near the time:
Our full attention,
A ball of gold,
Sinking in the mirror sea.

Clouds of glory frame the sight
And sparkling eyes reflect the light.
Against the glow
A distant gull;
We sigh as one.




Poetry: Hataciku

Words like measured moments

Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash

Just eleven lines
Tell a tale of hope in spring
Or autumn’s langour

Count my syllables
Primes are the poem’s numbers
Make each letter work

Make a joyful lifting verse
Make a blessing not a curse

Explore the cosmos
Or the stars in loving eyes
Hataciku cares

Inspired by Dr…