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“Black Lives Matter” has become a rallying call over the past few years in response to the unequal and often violent treatment of Black Americans at the hands of their countrymen.

For many Americans, they had no idea of just how much the scales of liberty and democracy were tilted…

Purgatory in Paradise Cove

They say that the best travel stories are the ones that go supremely wrong. The train that leaves the station with all your stuff aboard while you get a gelato on the platform. All you have left is a handful of kopecks and a mango ripple cone.

The toxic tummy…

Politics: Sex and Gender

Dave Chappelle (CC image by John Bauld)

This morning — Australian time — two articles crossed my desk at ILLUMINATION within a few minutes of each other.

Both dealt with a topic that had not until that moment entertained my attention: the recent remarks of comedian Dave Chappelle on a Netflix special. …

Medium: Publishing

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I was reading an excellent piece from Linda Caroll about her editing experience.

All good stuff; bottom line is that any editor wants the writer to succeed, but if the writer submits a science fiction space story to Horse and Hound, it’s not going to do well.

Any publication…

Social Media: Scams

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Tell me if this sounds familiar:

The bait

My Facebook feed — that endlessly entertaining stream of fun and information from family and friends — comes up with something interesting. A map of the world and a list of cities.

How many of these places have you been to? …

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Today the world mourns. Today the world remembers. Today the world pauses.

Today the news channels are full of it. Like that day twenty years ago, we cannot escape.

Twenty years. No teenager remembers that day. …

The eternal con

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When I was a girl, I’d read the newspapers — remember them? — from end to end. Words in a row; just couldn’t get enough.

In between the cartoons and the sports pages were the classifieds. Most of them pretty heavy going, though the “Personals” were always a lucky dip.


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I’m a member of Quora, the “answer any question” site. It’s one of the channels we use at ILLUMINATION to boost visibility for writer posts but it’s also a lot of fun and one can make money by providing solid questions and answers. …

Britni Pepper

Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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