A lot of that food would be thrown away anyway. But those are the airline's rules and they have to stick by them.

I used to be Platinum in the Qantas scheme, and in the good old days that allowed me to get into the lounge and eat and drink for free. I didn’t abuse it, though — usually just a cup of coffee while I was waiting for someone to arrive.

There was once a credit card that offered a promotion of 5 frequent flyer points per transaction. Fair enough. I used to pay off my phone bill in fifty transactions of one cent per day - using a script - and my paper phone bills started to come in parcels rather than envelopes, because there were so many transactions.

They eventually caught on, but not before I had enough points for first class tickets to Tehran from Sydney. That was a flight to remember!

I’m revisiting that flight — or an enhanced version of it — on a daily basis right now. It’s the only flying I’ll be doing for a while, I guess.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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