An editor’s perspective

It can be demoralising to receive a note from an editor rejecting your work.

But even the best authors have been rejected. JK Rowling was rejected a dozen times before taking off on a magical writing career. There’s a dozen publishers who must still be kicking themselves!

Publishers and publications often have specific requirements. Maybe they publish only poetry, and no matter how good your short story is, it don’t fit the bill.

Or they might have a focus on uplifting stories, and your tale of falling into the machinery at the upholstery factory is just too gruesome (even if you are now fully recovered.)

Maybe they have enough love stories to be getting on with and if you have any war stories, they will be snapped up. Or vice versa.

Maybe it’s the editor; they are a fluffy cat person and you wrote a shaggy dog story. That won’t resonate.

There are thousands of publications on Medium. If they don’t see your merit, it’s not you, it’s them; submit to another whose submission guide seems like a better fit. Submit eleven more times before you are past J K Rowling for persistence.

But ask questions, maybe they will tell you exactly why, maybe they will hand you a link to their submission guidelines.

I always try to work with a writer to make their story the best it can be. At ILLUMINATION we cover most topics, but if you want us to publish anything that Medium rejects, we’ll show you the door.

But thank you for your submission, please send us another!


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