And yet we read how the first Australians used fire to such an extent that they changed the landscape.

Australia has had worse bushfire years in recent memory. 2019 is not unprecedented unless you are very young. It’s a familiar story. Enough rain to build up a fuel load, and then enough drought to dry everything out. Get a hot and windy month in summer and you’ve got bushfires across the continent.

Climate change doesn’t cause bushfires. Not unless you ignore Australia’s centuries, no millennia, of devastating bushfires.

What climate change does is make the planet warmer, and thus extend the bushfire season a little, and make bushfires themselves a tiny bit more likely to occur.

It does us no good at all to cry wolf and claim that disaster is upon us. The sky is falling, do something now!

Yes, we should — as a global community — take action. That is happening and every year we see more and more people convinced that we should do something and take action. Look at the vast fields of solar arrays and wind farms we see already. Those aren’t recent actions. They began two decades ago.

But why tell untruths? That just lowers the trust and invites kick back. Stick to the facts and don’t be a conman. Please.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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