And you got it wrong. Your conclusion is meaningless. Do you not understand that you look like a galah?

It’s like claiming that Mountain Dew has no relation to obesity by taking the sugar percentage values for every beverage, plotting them against obesity of their consumers, and giving them equal value. There will be no discernible correlation using your method because it will just be a cloud of numbers and a trend line is as likely to go up as down.

Who cares about the relationship between sugar and kombucha, obesity and Rooibos? Pretending that that particular relationship is as valid as that between spring water and Mountain Dew is a way of hiding the truth, not revealing it.

If you were really interested in the facts, you’d go hunt up a statistician and ask them whether your methodology has any value apart from being a clever use of mathematics.

But I’m guessing that you are not such a person. Your mind is locked into one point of view, and you do not want to accept or promote anything that contradicts something you hold so close to your heart.

That’s not how science works.

Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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