As a woman, I suffer everyday indignities and slights that most men seem not to notice in the slightest. Yet if I talk over the top of a man or suggest that they don't know what they are talking about - our current discussion a case in point - or any one of a hundred other things, I'm seen as hormonal or bitchy or somehow abnormal. Or stupid, ignorant, misguided. A dumb blonde, as if my hair colour had anything to do with my thinking ability.

And yes, I walk in danger. Do you walk along a street wondering if that woman approaching might clamp a hand over your mouth and drag you into an alley? I'll bet the thought doesn't even cross your mind.

But a woman alone at night is thinking exactly that about you.

"But she shouldn't be walking out by herself after dark," you might say.

Well, there you go. You can but a woman cannot, is that how you see it?

Double that for a person of colour, and quadruple it for a woman of colour.

White men must walk around in a fog of smug complacency, unable to see the things that are obvious to their victims.

Your statistics - and I can't help but notice that you have twisted them to present the best possible case; see this book - don’t reflect the real world, as I see some of your other correspondents have noted. They exhibit the same level of headupyourbumness as saying that most people don’t get shot in mass shootings and therefore there is no need for gun control. That’s missing the point. More practice required.

Why don’t you try what I suggested a week or three ago? Ignore your own thoughts and actually listen to what other people have to say?


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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