As an Australian, I see the rule of law applying here as well. And everywhere else where the inspiring example of the United States - the first modern democracy in an age of kings - laid down the model for so many others to follow in the long years since.

America has lost that light of leadership. The world sees not the lofty ideals held high as a beacon, but the petty partisan politics, the personal thoughts of a Tyrant tweeted in the moment of their making, the divisions of race and faith and wealth creating violence and chaos.

I weep for Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her service, not just to America, but the world, serving as an example of an articulate, thoughtful, courageous woman for so many girls growing up and contemplating their choices ahead. Their often limited choices.

I weep for America in this time of chaos and disease and fire. Instead of addressing the problems the world faces in a position of wise leadership, America will be a model of rancour and division, a bitter public struggle to fill important positions in government, not for any grand nation-building purposes, but to be able to say, "my side won".

And, off in the shadows, Vladimir Putin, sending in trolls and committing mischief to rile up the divisions in America. Every riot, every death, every disaster makes his smile grow ever wider.

I watch everything that ever made America great being torn apart and trashed in these sad days.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is now one with the greats of the past, when ambition, intelligence, hard work and diligence could lift even the humblest of Americans up to serve as an example to the world.

Thank you, America, for giving us her brief shining life as an inspiration. May those Americans whose hearts and minds she touched with her devotion to justice and fairness and equality see the their choices clearly in the growing darkness.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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