Being passive isn't a recipe for change.

People say they need to be angry over injustice. No they don't. Anger brings stress and unhappiness and it is a sign of attachment.

Does a mother become angry when an animal threatens their child? No, they do what has to be done to fight the thing off, but anger doesn't help. Action does.

Likewise, laissez-faire builds no bridges and saves no lives.

Action, for sure, but emotion is no help.

As a woman, I see emotional displays used to invalidate righteousness. Crying, shouting, threatening, and we're told it's "just that time of the month, get over it".

How frustrating and demeaning is that? To have our feelings seen as the effects of hormones and no basis in reality?

Well, bullshit, I say. If something is wrong, it is wrong, and I can calmly and rationally point it out, stand up for my rights, and get what is just and fair.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.