Bravo! Solid work. I like the reference to the Old Testament, but I also recall Isaac Asimov – author of 200 plus books – when asked what was left to write about, responding, “Everything!”

There may only be seven basic plots and a finite number of situations, but like the wizened old joke-teller who still commands an audience, it’s not the joke so much as the way it’s told.

Having an authentic voice – even if it is earnest and measured – goes a long way to dispel any fears of lifting the material from elsewhere.

One thing I wonder about, though. I often put my subconscious to work, sleeping on a problem, or setting it on the “back burner”. How can I be sure it’s not going to dredge up something I once heard or read, and then forgot?

I might not remember, but there’s every chance whoever first wrote or said it will.

Oh yeah. One more thing. Your stock photos. Several of them have the subjects dark against light, the exact opposite of what good composition suggests. It’s refreshing.


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Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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