Don’t pay any attention

This is manas, the chattering mind at work. You are not your mind. It is a familiar character, but it talks rubbish. Don’t believe your thoughts.

This is where Don Trump goes off the rails. He believes his thoughts and gives them some sort of divine import. No matter what crosses his mind, he thinks it comes from some source of wisdom.

After all, it’s gotten him this far.

I remember how shocked I was when I was first told to disbelieve my thoughts. What? My thoughts? But they are meeee!

Nope. They are just entertainments and distractions. They use up brain resources that could be put to better use.

That’s what meditation is about. The system of mantra meditation I use distracts the mind by setting it to repeating a mantra, and after a while manas gets bored and gives up.

It will try to introduce enticing thoughts and dreams, but when that happens, I simply return to the mantra. Half an hour of this twice a day, and I build up a habit of spotting these thoughts and dropping them.

Yeah, sure, every now and then your chattering mind comes up with something good. But how do you know it’s good? By applying reason and discrimination. And you always have those resources available. You want something good, use reason and discrimination rather than waste your effort listening to the random rubbish manas throws up on the shore of your consciousness.


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