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  • Toni Crowe

    Toni Crowe

    Sarcastic escaped executive. Best-selling author. Writes whatever she wants.

  • Josh Balerite Acol

    Josh Balerite Acol

    Artist | Poet | Writer | Soulful Encourager | Frontliner | Proud sole Mom of 4 gifted kiddos | Lover of anything that inspires! joshbaleriteacol@gmail.com

  • Christy Dunphy Rommel

    Christy Dunphy Rommel

    Christy has mild cerebral palsy. She lives in Washington State with her husband and has two grown children.

  • Jakob Zaaiman

    Jakob Zaaiman

    Artist and writer; artworks, prose and poetry.

  • Ulf Wolf

    Ulf Wolf

    Raised by trolls in northern Sweden, now settled on the California coast a stone’s throw south of the Oregon border. Here I meditate and write. Wolfstuff.com.

  • Verbieann Hardy

    Verbieann Hardy

    Trying hard to be a Jesus follower. I write about life, spirituality, and relationships as I age with grateful grit. More about me at www.thirdactwriting.com.

  • Sepehr Vafaeian

    Sepehr Vafaeian

  • Dean J Murphy

    Dean J Murphy

    Former US Army soldier turned online entrepreneur — trying to change the way we work, one person at a time. https://pivottowardsfreedom.com/about

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