How does one man get three children into a car against their will? Why don't they simply run off? He can't go in three directions at once.

In point of fact, the case is well documented. There was no colonial policeman. These girls took a train and a steamship to their new home of their own free will, with the blessing of their parents.

That is not to say that there were not forced removals from the camps where children lived in filth, were abused, and often died in childhood.

And at the hands of missionary teachers, there was no chance that children would be taught any form of indigenous culture. How was that going to happen?

Now was it Australian government policy. The Federal government simply had no power over "the native people". Not until 1967, when it was specifically given by the people at a referendum, and overwhelmingly approved. That screenshot doesn't look like the Sixties to me.

There was a case brought against the Commonwealth in Darwin by a member of these "Stolen Generations". It was dismissed. Turned out that his mother had stuffed the baby down a rabbit hole because she wanted rid of him.

That was the test case. There has NEVER been any evidence against the Commonwealth.

Nor was it ever a big thing. When asked if they had been stolen or they knew of anyone who had been stolen, the positive responses were something like 1%. Most Australians of Aboriginal ancestry lived with their family until they grew up.

In point of fact, Aboriginal Australians, going by the census data, overwhelmingly live in the big cities. At a rate higher than the general population.

But, of course, the myth of genocide is a far more attractive one.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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