I believe that the body, and indeed even the mind, is not that important. There’s eight billion of us. Nobody can possibly know everything about everyone. If I think someone is an inspiring model, the reality is that there are going to be millions who are likewise inspiring, some in radically different ways. So I don’t see individual humans including myself as all that important.

What is truly important is bigger than any one of us, and throughout our evolution we have sought to understand how the cosmos is put together. Why some berries cheer you up, and some kill you, and when we look into that we find chemistry and biology and medicine and after a while not as many are dying and we are living better and more pleasant lives.

People look up into the sky and after a while and much pain we work out that the earth is a ball, it is not the centre of the universe, there are immense structures in the sky, gravity and light flow between them, and the little bits we can personally perceive are tiny fragments of a greater whole.

We learn how to work together to defend ourselves against predators, gather food, plant crops, build cities, and before long we have the pyramids and can get to the moon. Not so much the things themselves, but the structures of communication and cooperation that enable us to do these things without creating wars or starving or ruining the planet. Got to work on that last point a bit more yet, obviously.

Together we do amazing things and we comprehend the cosmos.

My vision of grace and elegance is akin to that of the Ancient Greeks who gave us geometry, or the Islamic scientists who discovered the ways of algebra, or those who deduced how calculus works. These simple truths are elegance far more than any set of clothes or manner of speech.

And when we collectively understand how it all fits together, then we can arrange things in the best possible fashion so that everybody is happy, nobody suffers, each one of us is the best we can be.

That’s my philosophy, that’s my love of wisdom, and I see it shared by so many. Recognising and helping these people who understand and work for the benefit of all is what is important, rather than knowing who has more followers on Twitter or whatever.

As for my stories of fun and travel and entertainment, well, we can’t be serious all the time, now can we? In between our waking day and our deep sleep we have the realm of dreams where we enjoy things that aren’t necessarily true.

I write amusing stories for that part of our being.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Chris Fox Gilson. I value them most highly.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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