I belong to a tradition that sees diversity of the body, culture, upbringing and so on as secondary to the light of consciousness that we all share.

To my mind, it makes little sense to treat people differentially unless there are sound reasons for doing so. Offering a man a pregnancy check. Letting a toddler apply for professional basketball. Giving a blind person a driving test.

Things like skin colour or gender preference should have little or no impact on how a person navigates through life.

But instead we see people making mountains of what should be molehills.

One reason, perhaps, is that these are self-perpetuating divisions, when resources are allocated on the basis of difference, there is am incentive for people to belong to whatever groups are receiving additional resources, and to move within the power structure controlling the allocation.

There are always going to be niche markets and niche politicians, and that applies to every possible division of society, whether it be age, location, gender, hobby, preferred band of computer, whatever. There will be those basing their own social success on niche appeal.

That's fine until the point where one group is draining resources from another, or removing their rights and freedoms.

And then we are walking down the road to Auschwitz.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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