I exult over the irony, but my thoughts are as yours. I do not wish ill-health on him. Or anyone else.

I do wish that he be held to account afterwards. There are 210 000 Americans dead, and millions more hurting hard through sickness or economic impact, who may lay their loss directly at Don Trump's incompetent feet.

Other nations did far better, so how come America with far greater resources and top notch medical scientists performed so poorly?

Doubtless Don Trump and his apologists will make the most of this latest entirely predictable event, and toss more bullshit onto the dumpster fire.

I feel saddest for Melania; she didn't ask for any of this stuff, and she is not equipped for it. Happy to be a trophy wife for a rich man, but I doubt that she enjoys the sort of soulmate partnership found in a good marriage, and I am sure that she finds the duties of First Lady a strain.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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