I found the fact that your story was untruthful, inaccurate and misleading the biggest problem.

“How the Australian Government Lit Its People on Fire” — Really?

“Australia’s Worst Ever Natural Disaster” — By what measure? 173 Australians lost their lives in the Black Saturday bushfires. Are you proposing some other measure of “worst” that ignores fatalities?

“Australia is burning. The entirety of its eastern coastline has been transfigured into a charred wilderness of ashes.” — What absolute rubbish! On Australia’s eastern coastline, you will find Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong and many more cities, all of which remain intact. I drove down the coast from Brisbane to Sydney a week or so ago, at the height of the fires, and if I saw any charred wilderness of ashes, it was limited to a few kilometres along some stretches of highway.

We have always had fires, but we have never seen anything remotely close to this.
27 people are confirmed dead.
More than 2000 homes have been lost.

As noted, 173 dead in the Black Saturday fires, along with over 2 000 houses. And yet you’re saying we’ve never had anything remotely close. In one single day we’ve had bushfires worse than the entire month you reference.

The rest of your article is more untruth and misrepresentation.

The facts are that whatever role climate change played in the current fires, Australia’s contribution was around 1%. We could have gone completely green, exported no coal or gas, used no energy at all, and the global temperature would still have risen. Perhaps it would take 101 years rather than a century to go up two degrees, but Australia’s guilt for these fires is negligible.

It doesn’t matter at all whether the Prime Minister or the government believes in climate change. Or what flavour of political power is in power. The temperature goes up, we get a longer fire season and more fires. Beliefs don’t cause bushfires, but you want to kick every Liberal politician in the pants, and you spend most of your article doing just that. Unbelievable.

The Commonwealth has no constitutional power over bushfires, but you somehow want them to spend money that cannot be appropriated. The incidentals power in s51(xxxix) and the executive power in s61 appear to be the only ways that the Commonwealth can act, for example by using the Defence Force to carry out its disaster relief role.

Every year the Commonwealth, along with State and Territory government, and other stakeholders, actively reviews the bushfire threat and plans for the upcoming season. Take a look at AFAC and their contributions. AFAC is 27 years old. They deal with bushfires, and have done so under every possible combination of governments of every party, but they cannot stop bushfires.

Australia’s coal mining and exports increased massively under Keating, Howard, Rudd, and Gillard. Under Abbott, Turnbull, and Morrison this has plateaued and begun to fall, but anybody reading your unfounded accusations would imagine the exact opposite.

Did you not do any research at all? Perhaps you listened to the leftwing equivalent of InfoWars and Breitbart to come up with such nonsense? Is Don Trump and his fake news your new muse?

You say that you have an interest in philosophy. May I suggest that you look up what Socrates said to Gorgias?


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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