I generally despise those sorts of articles, and I’ve written about why, recently. The writers realise that they can get a crapload of eyes on their work, and that means money.

It’s not just Medium. I see it all over. The successful bloggers all have mailing lists and courses on how to blog and make a million and all they blog about is how to be a better blogger. Follow them down that path and you’ve got yourself a pyramid scheme.

I’ve been bumbling along the bottom, probably a textbook example of what not to do to make money, but have a good time doing it.

And then one of my articles took off. I could see it happening in the stats. WTH? I started looking for reasons why. Dunno.

And then another, and now instead of making $22 like last month – a big jump on the previous, let me tell you! – I’m on track to top not just $100 like I’ve never done before, but I’ve already got that and my spreadsheet is predicting $300 for the month.

So I, well, um, geez, wrote a couple of articles about my sudden good fortune. I think I do a few things right, but mostly just follow the rules like Medium theirownselves say.

And then when I read your article, P G, this one here, I had to go back and check if I’d done the thing you say all these folk don’t.

As it happens, I’d done it, so I felt good right there. Thanks!

Um, more thanks.

Seriously. This is exactly the sort of jaundiced eye newbie writers like me need. Someone to analyse the snake oil. It’s too easy to get sucked into the thought that one story could make thousands of dollars on Medium – and it’s true – but it doesn’t seem to happen on a random basis for new writers, no matter how good they are.

You won’t get curated with this story, but you’ll get read and appreciated.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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