I had to wear hijab in Iran on my visits there. Everyone does, but I tell you what, those who are born into the culture are so much better at it than I.

The university students in their skin-tight jeans, sleeves stopping at the elbow, scarf balanced on the very top of their hair, they know the form and how to exploit it.

Rainbow scarves, florals, sky-blue - it's just a fashion statement, like wearing a top or a skirt of a colour to go with the day.

I did feel sympathy for some: young mothers juggling a baby, the shopping, a couple of pre-schoolers, all while clutching their chadors closed with their free hand.

I don't mind if people wear cultural or modest clothing. That's fine. I don't like having police on the street enforcing a dress code that is far less restrictive for men.

Can't wear shorts? Oh, how sad. At least you can drive a car without having to swivel your head around like an owl.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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