I have seen inside some of the great mosques of antiquity. In Aya Sofya, there are great disks of beautiful calligraphy. The Blue Mosque nearby — and others in the old town — are stunning examples of architecture and decoration.

But it was in Iran that I found the most perfect glories. From the Blue Mosque in Tabriz to that pair of amazing mosques on the Maiden in Isfahan, the decorations were heavenly. When I contemplated that a verse of the Koran, rendered in exquisite calligraphy onto tiles perfectly spaced to fit around the interior of a dome so that they could be read without any awkward gaps, well my mind spun around.

The perfection of the decoration uplifts the spirit. Regard an abstract pattern sublimely rendered, and the mind is drawn to contemplate the divine structure of the cosmos.

I love these clever designs. Escher was one of my early artist heroes.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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