I haven't been following this, but it looks as if you are right. Absent some important reason of national importance, then *shrug* everyone may use the same loopholes to evade lockdown and the whole thing falls apart, with consequent health consequences.

As for working from home, the iso shows that it can be done, and in most cases quite effectively, at least for those who aren't actually dealing with physical things, such as banging up houses or knocking up racehorses.

For the employer, paying an allowance for a home office is likely to be cheaper than providing even a cubicle, and the environmental savings are immense. Massive reductions in commuter journeys, for example.

I cannot say that I love Zoom, but I can see how with a few improvements it and its rivals could become very effective.

My weekly philosophy group last night had a mixed attendance. Some in person, some via Zoom, and it all worked well, apart from the fact that only those physically in attendance got the tea and cake afterwards.

Perhaps advances in 3D printing might overcome that…


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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