I once read a great book to that effect, but no, never going to happen. Even if the planet happened to be in the same exact spot, you’ve still got orientation, momentum, and rotation to contend with.

Get a dozen grapes, put them in a jar, and shake it so that they are all tumbling around together. They may be occupying the same points in the (moving) space inside the jar, but they aren’t all facing the same direction, spinning the same way, and moving on the same path. It’s kind of random.

Get it just a tiny bit off and you’ve got a whole planet socking you in the face.

Time travel fascinates me. Makes for some superb and challenging stories, but ultimately the concept is incompatible with the physical universe.

Mind you, my understanding of science runs out once you begin tossing quantums around, so if your time travel vehicle is of the Quanta 5000 variety, I might be able to swallow that.

I wrote something about time travel recently. Link under.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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