I used to think that way.

Nowadays I would say that science really has no explanation as to who the “I” of consciousness might be. We all experience it, but when it comes to explaining how it works, about all we get is the this-bit-lights-up-when-I think-about-bicycles sort of thing.

Yes, and the feet move when I walk. Right.

There’s an experiment which demonstrates that a researcher can accurately know when a decision has been made and what it is — by monitoring the brain — before the subject reports making the decision.

I would say that if the decision is made before I know about it, I’m not the one making the decision.

Looking at it another way, through the lens of perception, the theory of consciousness you outline above divides the universe into two parts. Singular consciousness and the rest of the universe.

But it isn’t two parts, if you think that way. It is eight billion parts, and clearly that is not a useful way of explaining the cosmos.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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