Well, I turned out to be wildly wrong. As did the President.

Controversy the guy can take. Humiliation not so much.

And he can’t really blame anyone but himself — though of course he’ll claim to be a victim.

The K-Pop thing might have led the organisers to expect more. They claim they weren’t fooled, but they still went ahead and organised an overflow event for a pumped president after they told him there was massive interest.

These things are first come, first served. It’s not the first time someone has reserved tickets for an opponent’s rally with no intention of showing up. If 20 000 fans had turned up at the door, 20 000 fans would have been let in.

He’s even copping shade from The Wiggles!

This may turn out to be the iconic moment. This is what defeat looks like.

As one commentator noted, “He’s lucky there wasn’t a ramp!”


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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