I’m sorry, but your response is just more of the same. I’m not seeing any science to back up your claims, and if your claims of “expert opinions” are nothing more than newspaper articles, then you need to get a grip.

Speaking as a photographer, that image is hardly a defining image of anything. Two distant figures and an even more distant flame. It’s not telling much of a story, and if you need to explain it for the viewer, it is a failure.

For the defining climate change image of 2019, I would choose the one referenced in this article. I won’t republish an image to which I have no rights, but I don’t think anyone is going to mistake which one I mean, even if it is just a few people, one of them unfocused. One knows what is going on, one is ignorant. Two are onlookers.

One of them is Time’s Person of the Year. ‘Nuff said.

For the record, I am solidly on her side.

No, your attempts at explanation in your response do not impress me. These latest fires are not unprecedented in any fashion. They are not hotter than what we have seen before, nor more widespread or destructive. If you think they are, I’d be interested in finding out what informs your thinking. Some journalist’s opinion?

We’re looking at tiny tiny increases in temperature. We’ve had hotter years before, but it’s seeing new local records for hottest December day being broken and rebroken in short order that worries people. Of course this trend will see more bad bushfires. Not unprecedented, but it is the trend that will get us, a tenth of a degree at a time, one exhausted or dead firefighter after another.

Making baseless and ludicrous claims that things are worse than they really are is, unfortunately, part and parcel of disaster. I understand your desire to spark fear as an incentive to urgent action, but that is Trump’s tactic, not Thunberg’s.

Please. Try to avoid fear-mongering and untruth. You do more harm than good. Maybe you feel that the end justifies the means, but in the end, you alienate those who could be allies.

Maybe you still feel that you are right, you are dealing with the facts, and you have science on your side. Well, show me.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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