It must be a pain to hear me constantly squawking about America. I mean the nation entity, not the people. I have many friends (and indeed, relatives) in America, and they are good people, most of them utterly appalled at the current leadership.

My friends are mostly in isolation, experiencing the same sorts of difficulties as myself.

But the federal government seems to be reacting in a chaotic fashion. Is Don Trump really making like difficult for the states where the governors don’t praise him? Why on earth isn’t he being an effective leader?

Now is precisely the time he could be the sort of tough guy leader he praises. Xi in China did the things that needed to be done, and although the economy suffered, they are through the other side, the virus is under control, it’s not a huge problem.

Other nations, other leaders, took effective action. Their curves are flat, their casualties low. Singapore, New Zealand.

But America, with so many resources, has dropped the ball. Once the problem and solution was identified, then there’s no other effective course but to implement it. There’s no cure, there’s no vaccine, and only 90% compliance works. Seven out of ten self-isolate, that’s fine, but the other three are out spreading the virus, the infection rate is above one per person, and it grows.

And why do I care?

Because America, our longstanding ally, needs to be strong. Much as I appreciate the right of China to take its part on the world stage, I would very much prefer that it doesn’t have too much of a role in my own circle. I speak English, I have a British cultural background, I am familiar and comfortable in the Anglo-American environment.

America also has a big effect in global warming, and the more the planet warms, the more my own country suffers.

I don’t think it right that the health of the planet should be at risk because of the fragile ego of one man.

I was appalled in November 2016 and I’ve spent the past three and a half years building on that with each fresh stupidity out of the White House.

America was the first of the great liberal democracies, and those founding fathers of yours took a blank slate and made something special. My own nation and so many others were founded and grew along the same principles.

Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and so many others would likewise be appalled at the grand screw-up Trump is making of their enduring legacy.

Sorry for the rant. May you and your country remain safe. May you elect wise and benevolent leaders in November. May all be happy.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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