It was fabulous! Plato turned my brain into mush, at least until I started to grapple with what he was saying. I think that you, as a computer programmer, would understand some of the concepts better than I could.

We had a good chunk of the afternoon free. We could have lunch in Delphi — and there were some great restaurants — or go down to Itea in the bus to swim or just sit and watch the waters with a glass of something nice, or along the road to Arachova which was bigger and had more shops and cafes.

Or just strip down, turn on the fan, and try to stay cool. It was mid summer and hot.

These sort of residential programs come up now and again, here and there. Some of them, you need to be invited, others are open to anybody. Not that anybody with genuine desire to learn Plato is going to be turned away; there aren’t that many serious scholars, and expanding the circle is always a priority.

Reading a dialogue in a group and pausing for discussion is a must. Taking a week to do so is also vital. One can read these things alone in an afternoon, but understanding what’s going on is another matter.

I’m still not sure I got a handle on our Plotinus text. It was deep and ostensibly straightforward, but I couldn’t get it to fit in with my understanding. Maybe it will click into place one day.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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