It's a fine line sometimes. If it's clear that you are being dudded, then it can be worth making a fuss. After all, war has been declared and you are responding.

But if someone is doing their best, and is trying to satisfy a planeload of people when the flight has been cancelled by an engineering problem, then what's the point of getting stroppy?

I often frequent the elite lounges and cabins, but I play by the rules, On a long flight up front, it's fine to walk around in the flight pajamas they give you. It's expected.

But the instant you step through the curtain into economy to see a friend, you are suddenly the world's greatest wanker.

I find the test of a relationship also lies in dealing with the "friction" of travel. Finding the correct platform, hassling with the taxidriver, changing money, buying a ticket on the Metro. Does my partner handle this smoothly, or is everything a frustrating, delaying, embarrassing production?

I need to maximise my time in the lounge drinking the expensive bubbly, not getting sent back through security because my idiot friend didn't read the instructions.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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