It’s not that I don’t care about curation, but, hey, I make a buck a day out of this. It’s not my day job. I got other things to worry about.

I read the curation guidelines, and I don’t do any of the stuff that will rule me out. Like write about the platform or leave undeclared affiliate links in.

But it’s then out of my hands. If it gets curated, fine. I had one story curated in three or four categories, I have a lot that miss out entirely. I figure that there are curation daemons in some fetid pen somewhere, curating their hearts out for a buck a day, and if they don’t like my writing, I’ll move on.

It’s like yelling at the rain, you know?

Curated stories do do better, for sure, but even then, I’m not going to be ordering up my Lamborghini anytime soon.


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Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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