"It's really a matter of those who have become unhinged from reality vs those who still live in the real world."

Just wondering, Mitch, what it would take for you to admit that you're wrong?

Nothing would push that button for you, right?

Just something for you to chew over. Treat everything that comes out of Trump's mouth as something that needs verification from a reliable source. There's plenty of ways to fact check statements.

The world is not set up around American politics. Australia didn't go into lockdown just to embarrass Don Trump, nor did the world's airlines begin storing their biggest aircraft in desert locations for the same reason.


Changing the subject, what did you think about Turkey? I've been there three times now, to Istanbul each time, though I did drive down for a couple of nights at Gallipoli to look over the old battlefields and cemeteries.

I love the history and the romance. Being able to sit on a bridge over the Golden Horn, eating dinner and watching the setting sun turn the distant hills of Asia gold as the ferryboats shuttle about.

On that note, I've also been to Omaha Beach three times. I'm currently writing a story about D-Day, and if you have any military knowledge, I'd be grateful for your observations. I had to do an enormous amount of research for a few chapters, and I'm sure that somebody will come along and say that I've got stuff wrong about machineguns or Bangalore torpedoes or whatever, and I'd like to have all that stuff fixed before I send it off to Amazon for publication.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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