I’ve only ever been to the terminals in Dubai and Qatar. Flown over the peninsula a few times, and seen the occasional glimpse from a cruise ship.

Iran is where we are heading, and I’ve been there twice with tour groups.

I’m just a total nut for micro-merino at the moment. This is superfine merino wool. Light, warm, comfortable, but the best part is that it dries very quickly, like nylon. And it breathes.

Now, you’d think that this wouldn’t work well in Iran, where you can’t show any skin below the neck — male or female, and nothing above the elbow for women, or upper arm for men.

But for women there must also be a loose garment covering the torso down to below the hips. Either full length like a chador, which is the traditional garment, or a jacket or tunic affair with trousers underneath. Young women looking for a mate in Iran shave the dress rules close, and the jeans are skin-tight, the tunic as open and revealing as possible, the sleeves cut to the last legal millimetre.

Google “Tehran street fashion” and you’ll get a pretty good idea. The costumes in this article are typical: https://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/entry/tehran-street-style_n_4467366

So Carrie can wear a skirt on the plane, and it will be comfortable for travel, albeit a little clingy over the legs which she doesn’t see as a drawback, but she can wear leggings or jeans or other trouser-type garments under it in Iran, according to weather and occasion.

And micromerino isn’t super bulky, so it doesn’t take up a lot of room or weight in the luggage.

Tourists in Iran are accorded a certain latitude, which is good, because although they are aware of the rules, most haven’t worked out how to be comfortable and stylish, and there will be all sorts of odd combinations, not all of them conducive to long days of travel.

Typically we get off the bus, check into the hotel, and as soon as the door closes we fling off the scarf and the tunic and anything else that has been bugging us all day long and flap our bare arms about in relief and delight.

My first time, I wasn’t really prepared, but the second trip I had a good idea of what would work and I was way more comfortable.

Laundry is also a factor, especially when it gets hot during the day and we are out exploring old ruins or something!


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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