May, people like you are the reason I can eat with chopsticks. And I can walk down the main street of my Melbourne suburb and find cuisines from all over the world.

Australia, going by the tales of my parents and their old photos, was a boring pseudo-British monoculture.

Then the boat people from Vietnam joined the post-war refugees, and the Turks and the Lebanese and well, everyone came in and suddenly, much to the horror of the staid old straights, the culture changed, becoming richer and deeper and more colourful and spicier.

I've travelled a lot, and I love that I can come home and find the world - or at least a taste of it - is right here with the beaches and the kangaroos and the white pointers.

And oh, how I love it when the oldies spit chips over the Mardi Gras up in Sydney, which is nothing but joy and positive energy.

Welcome, May. You make us more of a community to enjoy.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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