My very first story on Medium contained affiliate links and was curated. All of my stories contain at least one affiliate link – to my Amazon author page.

But I may rethink my strategy.

In Gorgias Plato talks about how there are vast amounts of money to be made from speaking about speaking. The real money comes from private tuition. He revisits this theme in The Sophist, which mindbendingly examines the truth and how sophists avoid it.

As then, now. Writing about writing, blogging about blogging, speaking about speaking, or any combination thereof, is where the big money comes from.

It is a con. The message always contains one theme. It’s going to take time and work. And by the time you have done all the things and found that they haven’t brought success, your money is long gone and so is your time.

This is the same way that the wise advice of Jesus was perverted into Christianity in order to support a priestly hierarchy selling rewards that they personally never had to deliver.

Jesus never talked about talking. He didn’t need to. His message was sound. But Peter and Paul took a different approach.

Okay. All of your rabbit-hole advice is good stuff. Follow it to be a better blogger. Or to be rewarded which is, perhaps, a different goal.

But it’s really Gorgias talking now. Talking about talking. Promising rewards which the talker isn’t ever going to deliver personally.

Sure. Some people make a good living by blogging or writing or speaking. But once you filter out those who are writing about writing, there are very few with genuine messages.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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