People who do not see themselves as big, belittle others.

Those who are the keenest that black people should have the lowest rung on the social ladder are those occupying the second lowest. They want someone to be beneath them, and they know that no matter how poor or down they are, they will always be white.

Or male.

Or heterosexual.

Or Christian.

Or whatever they see - despite all evidence - as defining merit in the human race.

I've just finished reading the book. Mary Trump has a doubly privileged insight into Don Trump. As a close relative, she's known him all her life. And as a psychologist, she has some authority in understanding why he acts in such a way.

What better or more authentic voice could there be?

And yet, there are those who reject Mary's views.

I ask, what drives them to laud a monster and decry a voice that never strays from objectivity and reason?


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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