Britni Pepper at ILLUMINATION here.
I’ve just found one of our writers submitting plagiarised content.
Perhaps you’d like to quiz the writer about their article for you:

and its similarities to this one from 2017:

It isn’t word for word, but it is paraphrased thought for thought in exact sentence order. As an example, look at step 4. Taking a Bath

Thinking when making a bath is recognized for the therapeutic capacity of water and can motivate you by reducing your stress accumulated through the hyper- contentedness of innovation. Water has a method of mitigating your brain so your contemplation can turn out to be progressively fluid and your thoughts get the opportunity to take form. Use it! You may find out that you have your moment of clarity while taking a bath.

Pretty awkward in phrasing, right? Here’s the original

There’s a reason so many people claim to do their best thinking in the bath. Immersion in water is known to be extremely therapeutic, and can help you detach from the hyper-connectedness of technology. Water has a way of soothing your mind so your thoughts can become more fluid and your ideas have a chance to crystallize. Try it! You may find you have your “aha moment” while sudsing up.

This paraphrasing works to avoid detection by online plagiarism detectors, but I find that by picking out key phrases I can google them to find the original text.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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