Pretty much everything. You say, for example, “Aristotle invented what we still today call rhetoric, which is really just the art of getting people to agree with you.”

The difficulty here is that rhetoric was well known long before Aristotle. He certainly didn’t invent it. In Plato’s Gorgias, we have a discussion from 462b onwards examining rhetoric, which you claim Aristotle invented years later!

Polus: … So answer me this, Socrates: since you think that Gorgias is at a loss about rhetoric, what is your own account of it? -Gorgias 462b3.

You then go on to claim, “Aristotle explains how the “Prime Mover” must be the initial cause of all the motion in the universe. Thus, Aristotle was the first deist in history, as well as an influential cosmogonist.”

Well, how do you explain Plato’s “Form of the Good”, the primary form in the realm of Being? Plotinus, centuries later, explores this in his Three Primary Hypostases, which became the basis of the Christian Trinity, but his “One” and Plato’s “Good” are the same concept: primary, causal, and ineffable. If that is not the “Prime Mover”, which Aristotle located to some unspecified place in the realm of Becoming, then I don’t know what it is!

And on and on. Aristotle was certainly a great philosopher, but he didn’t invent all these concepts you claim as his so much as reorganise them into a coherent model fundamentally different to that of Plato and Socrates.


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