Something that has long puzzled me. Most of those who fought for the Confederacy were not slave-owners themselves, and would not have had the money to do so. Why would these people fight and die for something that was no more than a theoretical possibility?

I think that the answer lies in that those on the bottom rungs of the social ladder feel that if there is someone below them, then they are better. If race is the determinant, then they may never have the money and connections to make a great success of their lives, but they will always be white, and that is something.

We see the same in India, where those of low-but-not-lowest caste fight and kill to keep those of the lowest caste in their place. They murder missionaries because missionaries convert the lowest to Christianity, removing them from the caste system.

And, it is all for nothing. In all my travels, I have never found a land or a people who were any less creative or aware or intelligent or insightful than any other. People, just by being human, hold a normal human range of abilities.

Surely giving *every* person their best chance is what makes a nation great? Not condemning vast slices to menial tasks without education or the chance for improvement?

As a woman, this has been obvious for most of my life. Why are men so stupid? Why not recognise that woman are every bit as keen to make society a success?

Add in race and religion, and sometimes I wonder just what the hell it's all about.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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