Surely you do not believe that all parties of the far right share a policy platform across time and space?

Then again, I'm puzzled by your reference to "the Radical Left". I wouldn't have thought that America has any room for that sort of stuff. The Democrats, for example, are firmly on the right wing of politics, if one compares their policies with other parties around the world.

Just what do you consider to be a plank in the platform of "the Radical Left"?

Trump isn't Hitler. But he uses many of the same sort of methods to appeal to his base.

Perhaps your idea of effective diplomacy equates to a showy press conference. Trump - as a head of government - gets out-manouevred at every turn. He seems to think that having a foreign head of state say nice things about him personally, maybe give him some medal and a seat at the big table, is a big win for America.

China has been the big winner from Trump's policies. Over here we've got China breathing down our neck harder than ever thanks to Trump. Again, those are the guys who understand strategy because they wrote the book on it. Trump is clueless on anything outside showbiz.

His big problem is that he doesn't listen. Diplomacy is all about understanding what they other guy really wants and using that as a basis for action. Trump's idea of intelligence - despite having the most advanced intelligence agencies on the planet - is whatever he saw on cable news last night.

And what of the Republican Party? There are some mighty intellects in the GOP. A proud tradition of achievement and success in leading the world. How on earth did they think that having a professional clown in charge was going to turn out well?

If you think that rearranging words has any relevance to what's really going on in the world, well that's good for you, but honestly, switching Left and Right in an essay doesn't equate to any sort of analysis in my book.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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