Thank you, Alison.

You are most kind. I am so sorry that this debacle has gone the way it did, but so far as I can see it was an honest mistake that was caught and corrected. A few quiet words could have made a big difference, but no…

You have laid out the situation completely and fairly. Of course victims of racism, sexism, or other intolerances get angry. It must be beyond frustrating in the current climate of division and hate I see in America.

But responding harder and lower and louder is not a good way forward.

It's not a matter of choosing sides. It's a matter of being the best person possible. I'm not a Christian, but I often pause and say to myself, what would Jesus do? Or Socrates or the Buddha or Nelson Mandela.

And in so doing, and looking for the wise person within us, lo and behold, we find that we are wise too, because the wisdom of great sages resonates inside. We don't need a label, or someone to point it out for us; we know what is the right response.

And it very rarely involves hurling abuse at someone else who is just trying their own hardest.

I wish there were more people like you with platforms to counter those in high places who spread fear and ignorance. It is a hard time right now, and cool voices of reason are what we need to deal with the crises facing us all.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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