Thanks for your response. I think we should be moving quickly and decisively. I also think that resistance can slow response. As we see in Don Trump’s America, where he is actively and foolishly working against progress.

I lay that down to opposition to strident and self-righteous calls from fear-mongers. Remember, a lot of Trump’s base regard what happens in this world as a reflection of some divine plan, and they do not regard any claim of science-based dominion with fondness, especially from those who mock their risible fancies.

We need extra care with facts, not less. Fear and panic are emotions, a currency at odds with facts and reason. This is a global project, and we are already making solid progress. The extremists on both sides add heat but not light to the debate. When some of the biggest players in the game have nuclear weapons and economic muscle, heat and haste may be counter-productive.

Worse, if we listen to those demanding instant action, we might find ourselves choosing the wrong solution, and wasting time and resources on some hasty and unworkable scheme. The climate is not changing so fast that we can not examine the various choices facing us before taking a big and expensive step.

We vest authority in democratic representatives, not unelected zealots and gold-diggers. Let the system work as it should; we’ll get there and we will have the gravity and authority to push forward our chosen solution. Absolving decision-making to loud voices and vested interests is rarely a good long-term strategy.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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