That’s more than my understanding. To me, swapping the three dimensions around works fine. Stand in the median strip, and the cars going in one direction look much like the cars going the other way. But reverse time, and it might be all physically possible, but implausible. How is the driver steering the car moving in reverse down the time path. They are looking out of the front, their eyes emitting lightwaves, but the car is travelling backwards. What strange thought impulses guide their hands on the steering wheel?

And look at that quivering patch of mud on the side of the road. The vibrations suddenly grow enough to eject a moving gob of liquid which leaps up into the air, matches speed with a car whizzing past in reverse, and flies into the carefully pursed mouth of the driver, where it somehow matches the saliva in consistency, chemical makeup, and even the DNA of what is already there.

No, I have no idea of how time is related to space, unless you get so deep into metaphysics that my understanding begins grasping at straws.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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