That’s not consciousness. That’s the brain at work. Our eyes are not cameras; the brain processes the inputs from the eyes. Some animals are good at seeing colour, some at detecting movement. Likewise with people; the brain processes perception input in the way best suited to that person.

One might talk of an artist’s eye, or a musician “playing by ear”. That doesn’t mean their eyes and ears are different, but their brains are.

Consciousness — at least in the sense I use the word — isn’t thinking or processing. It’s the sense of being an observer.

Again, a lot of philosophy is juggling words. That’s why having an understanding of Sanskrit is useful, or why it’s unhelpful to call Plato's Statesman dialogue by the name he used: Politician. If I use the word “soul”, that’s another instance of later meanings hijacking the word. Plotinus used the same word in his Three Primary Hypostases, but he didn’t mean it in a Christian sense.

You may be using “consciousness” in a wider sense than I am. Perhaps this Wikipedia article will help illustrate the various ways of looking at things. I’m not saying that I subscribe to any one view, just that there are many ways of fitting the various terms together, and there is no one agreement of what all the terms mean.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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