That's what I was thinking, Rasheed. I make some points about inequality in between the hot flirting, so it's not just a sex romp along Route 66.

The Amazon gig wasn't working for me. I feel far more comfortable on Medium.

Your own approach to Route 66 is quite refreshing for me. You meet people and interact with them, whereas that must be rare for the average traveller in a Town and Country with a couple of kids in the back.

For me, as an Australian, it's all about the history, the legends, the Americana, the culture. Drive the road, get the souvenirs, go home and back to the real world.

For you, Route 66 *is* the real world, where people live and work, publish newspapers, run diners, fight fires, catch speeders and so on. Not that you'd be breaking too many speed limits yourself, but if you are sleeping in odd spots it pays to keep the cops onside, I guess.

And then there's my fantasy Route 66, where hot love is around the next bend in the road…


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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