The Big Question

Process of Illumination (Creative commons image by sun)

You are here on ILLUMINATION, reading and (maybe) writing.

Somebody wants to know why, and I must admit I’m kind of keen to know the answer too.

Q stands for Quora — and Questions

Naturally, I have an interest in ILLUMINATION, so I was intrigued to see somebody ask a question on the Quora website.

Why do you write for ILLUMINATION publication on Medium?

So far five people have answered the question, and you may see the reasons they give here.

What I’d love to see

I’d be over the moon to see people respond there, but even further delighted to see our writers talk about it here.

Here’s my response:

I write for ILLUMINATION because there is a great sense of community there. I know that my stories will be read and commented on.

There is a huge readership; if one of my stories takes off, boy it really takes off.

ILLUMINATION gives everybody a go. So long as your story meets the Medium guidelines, it gets published and promoted.

And, as an editor, we do our best to encourage writers to improve. Often a piece will be rejected by other publications, we tweak it a little in cooperation with the writer, and it takes off, sometimes gets curated. That’s sweet.

To see a little light shed on ILLUMINATION, here’s the Quora link.


Terry L. Cooper

Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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