The voices raised in outrage are those who were going to be outraged no matter what.

Is Islam really so fragile that it cannot take a woman having a bit of a poke at it?

Of course not. If it's any worth, it stands by itself, and comes out all the stronger for criticism.

Pandering to narrow-minded bigots just encourages them.

I've seen women in Iran trying to hold their chador closed with one hand while they control a toddler, the groceries, and a stroller with a crying baby inside with the other hand.

That is just rubbish. If a religion depends on making life hard for people, instead of making it easier and more joyful, then they are missing something.

Religion should be about answering the deep questions and giving people a solid foundation in the community, the world, and the universe. It should be inspiring and uplifting and loving.

Islam can be, and is, all of that.

In my humble opinion.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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