There is a certain school of thought that says that stoicism or lack of attachment means doing nothing, suffering under the weight of circumstances - the icy New York winters, the cruelties and corruptions of a despot - but merely making the most of it.

This is not the case. One plays the role one is given as well as possible, but it isn't real. If the role says "suffer", then it is time to find another role, one that leads to happiness and love.

This might be to speak out against tyranny and injustice. Maybe you will not be popular with those hauling on the levers of power, but you can help to make changes. Throw the tea into the harbour, perhaps.

The fact that the cosmos throws up challenges now and then does not mean that these challenges cannot be met and overcome.

Britni, fighting off an Epic-uruean hangover. Drunk Zooming is fun, but oh, the price!

Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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