Thoroughly agree. I used to have a 70D, and I contemplated the increasingly bulky upgrade path with some despair. Considering the amount of travel I do, I could see regular exercise sessions being a must, and with carry-on bags limited to 7kg, only so far I could go.

I bought the Eos M when it came out. Oh boy, what a dog. Looked great on paper, but try street shooting with this discreet camera and trying to catch the fleeting moment with a two-second autofocus!

I have an M6 now, lovely little camera with some great lenses.

My absolute best lens is the one on my Leica Q. I wish it were interchangeable, but no. If I want to shoot Leica glass without spending a fortune, I have a couple of old Sony A7II bodies and adaptors. They work.

An Olympus Pen-F, by far the most handsome camera I own.

I made the switch to mirrorless a long time back, and never regretted it.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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