Try as I might, I cannot see your reconstruction of Trump’s thoughts as being realistic. He doesn’t have the mental horsepower, quite frankly.

Maybe one of his advisors said something, or he heard something on cable news and he seized upon it, but history and abstract thinking are not his strong points. You are good at both, you must be able to see this.

Secondly, I honestly don’t think he cares about the “little people”. Seriously, it’s only family and those who display unquestioned loyalty that attract his thoughts.

Everyone else, they are praised so long as they toe the line, and cast aside when they question his intellect. And not just discarded, but humiliated and insulted. That doesn’t indicate a caring personality to me.

For the vast mass of humanity, I can guarantee he does not see the individuals comprising the eight billion of us as “someone like me”, but as “other stuff, not my business”. Where are the person-to-person touches that mark someone who cares? Obama had a gift for establishing a rapport with strangers — cleaners, shop assistants, children — but Trump blows right past them.

When I go out with somebody, I don’t look at how they treat me — obviously they see me as somebody worth cultivating — but at how they treat taxidrivers, waiters, other diners, animals.

That determines how the night might go for them, not whether they hold the door open for me.

If I went out for dinner with somebody like Don Trump, we’d be leaving in different cabs. Just sayin’.


Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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