We once had a bloke leading the trade union movement who had a strategy for success.

Whenever there was some major union dispute, he would listen to both sides, assess the situation, and say nothing as the media got hold of it and the warring parties dug in and pushed their own positions.

Usually there would be some common-sense solution that everyone could see except those who were too closely connected to the idea of their side winning.

You know how it is with men. It's all about who has the longest dick, but they don't want a woman to whip out a ruler and make a judgement.

When the crisis had reached the deadlock stage and no side was prepared to move, this fellow would step in, hold a press conference, announce that he would lead discussions on a solution, and proceed to sell both sides on the deal that had been obvious from the start.

It worked, time and time again.

That fellow later became the Prime Minister and enjoyed a period of remarkable success, being elected time after time during my childhood.

Not that I have any political ambitions, but I do wonder just how bad the ongoing train wreck of American politics is going to get before there is some sort of realisation that wrestling in the mud is not the way to golden success.

I'm guessing that it could get pretty muddy in the DC swamp.


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