Well, for me it was losing April. That's my best travel time. Summer here and it's cold in the Northern Hemisphere, and flights might get delayed. Winter in Melbourne is vice versa. So many of the places I love most become hot, muggy and buggy.

But spring and autumn are good everywhere.

I'm mourning my trek in the Japanese wilderness. Got fit-ish, bought all the kit, did my research, had a day or two either side in Osaka and Tokyo, and even had business class flights arranged.

That didn't work.

Spending winter inside in Melbourne is hardly a chore, but it's going to hit real hard with spring and what will likely be another long hot summer, with state borders closed and no international travel.

And I suspect that my postponed Japanese trip will have to be delayed further, not to mention the planned Finnish extravaganza, and don't even think of cruising with thousands of oldies from around the world.

At least it's only Covid-19 here. You folk have got Covid-45 to deal with.

Britni, counting her blessings

Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

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